Water star signs generally base their decisions upon their emotions rather than their logic.

Sometimes they may become overemotional and this can be overwhelming for people around them! Cancers are by far the most sign of the cycle, with Capricorns coming last as the least emotional. Even if they do have any, they rarely express them.

Other star signs such as Scorpios, for example, can be introvert by nature so even if they are raging deep inside, they will find it extremely difficult to communicate their anger. So they might let you believe that everything is ok, until one day suddenly they explode for no apparent reason and take you out of their life for good. This might sound as an exaggeration but it can happen depending on how introvert they are and the combination of the planetary positions in their Zodiac chart. So if you want to know how emotional you are don’t hesitate to read what comes next!

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…The emotional spectrum of your zodiac reveals a lot about how you face situations on a daily basis and these are usually identified by your element – fire, water, air, earth. However, individual are better determined through your sun sign. Whether you are one to be able to combat a heavy flow of emotions with immense ease or one to indulge in your emotions for the sake of yourself and others. Read on to discover how emotionally sensitive you are. You might be surprised to find out how your sun sign affects your everyday behaviour!

1. Aries

Being a fire sign, you are quite honest with your emotions, and while you can control them, you aren’t afraid to let them show. This isn’t a bad thing, as keeping your emotions in leads to an anger build-up, which is the emotion you need to watch out for. Having said that, however, your emotional IQ is superior and this makes you almost intuitive to others’ emotions…

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