Each Zodiac sign has a different perception on intimacy.

For some signs it is easier to express their intimate feelings and get closer to they love more than others. Introvert star signs such as Aquarius, Cancer or Scorpio are really resistant to intimate where extrovert star signs such as Gemini, Sagittarius or Capricorn can find it easier to express thoughts and feelings. This does not mean that the feelings are always sincere. In the case of Geminis due to their verbal communication capability, these thoughts and feelings can be sometimes superficial and shallow.

People under the Capricorn Zodiac are defined by their connection with logic, reason and practical competence. So in their case intimacy is expressed in combination to rational ideas and not by the projection of their emotions. In the following article you can find out how you or your partner perceive intimacy according to your Zodiac Sign!

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Aries know how to get what they want. They are not romantic but they are very sincere and straight to the point. They will express their feelings instantly and without saying many words.



A Taurus loves to create a stable and secure relationship. For them the way a works is very simple and there is no room for egos and fights. They will express their love practically and make you feel confident about your mutual future.



Geminis are not loyal partners as they tend to make superficial relationships. Only if you stimulate them intellectually you can start getting closer to their hearts. They can be very temperamental so it is better not to take seriously their mood swings.



Cancers are the most emotional zodiac signs. They enjoy intimacy and love to be really close to someone in order to experience a deeper more meaningful connection. Everything is translated with emotions with a cancer, so one thing is for sure when you are dating a cancer, you will always feel loved.

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