Revenge is a raw, uncalculated need that derives from the darkest parts of our soul.

Like other traits, taking is highly connected to our . Some star signs can be really vindictive where others may even be able to forgive and accept someone that has really hurt them in the past. Scorpios are vengeful by nature and they have an inherent immediate instinct that can unleash the most destructive energies in order to emphasize and bring up the most vulnerable pieces of your soul. So don’t try to mess with them because you are in for the most painful experience of your life.

Aquarius are not as revengeful but if you betray their trust you are banned from their life for good. They will shut you out and write your name in their blacklist. Capricorns will take their time for their vengeance, calculate everything and will operate with extreme thoroughness. Their revenge will feel like a medical surgery without anesthetic…

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What is revenge?
Revenge is the purest form of emotion. It comes from deep within the heart and is true to its cause. There are many ways of looking at revenge – either you take your revenge or drop it or at times, the best revenge is forgiveness. However, this differs from person to person, depending on their nature and personality. Revenge like anger, strength, love etc. is governed by the zodiac signs, i.e. each person’s personality traits are determined by their sun signs and Revenge is no different. Let us explore how each zodiac sign exacts revenge…

Aries will take instant revenge!
If you irk the Ram aka Aries, the reaction will be instant. If an Aries individual decides to exact his/her revenge, it will be like flash fire, leaving only smoke and ashes in its wake. They are known for their explosive temperaments and will blow up without caring where they are, who are they are with and so on. For an Aries, revenge is instant, i.e. they will avenge themselves right there and then. They don’t believe in pondering over things…

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