With Synesthesia, the patient may experience one or more senses as one.

Synesthesia is considered to be a neurological disease that could either be a curse or a blessing. In the case of the synesthetic artist, Melissa McCracken, who is perceiving sound and vision as one sense it is definitely a blessing. In her sounds take the form of colors that she beautifully puts together in order to create her amazing abstract art that translates beautiful songs into visually stunning art pieces.

With the use of oil and acrylic on canvas, Melissa has put together paintings that represent the music of various beautiful songs such as Lucky by Radiohead, Life on Mars by David Bowie, Imagine by John Lennon and many more. In order to have a pick at Melissa’s stunning paintings and experience her unique technique have a look at the following article.

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David Bowie – Life on Mars

Melissa McCracken is a synesthetic artist who sees what she is hearing.  When she listens to a song every unique element of the song has a color representation in Melissa’s mind.  She has decided to share what she sees with the world through her incredible art peices.

Melissa’s unique ability combines the beautiful colors she is seeing in her mind from music to the artistic world in the form of oil and acrylic on canvas.  She has truly found an awesome way to express all of her feelings and thoughts in the form of beautiful and vibrant works.  As you look at these peices of abstract work it bring a unique sense of curiosity to the mind and heart.    In a sense it is seeing the world through another persons reality.


Synesthesia is a unique neurological phenomenon where 2 or more combine into one.  In greek the work syn means together and aisthēsis means sensations.  One of the most incredible things about this condition is that most people who have it don’t consider it a dissorder or problem.  Instead they consider it a gift or a .  It gives them the ability to experiences senses in a new way and also experience new unique senses that other people only dream of…

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