Each zodiac sign has a different approach when flirting.

Aquarius have a natural charm especially when they find themselves in a group of people. comes as their second and the weird thing is that they don’t even realize it. But when they do they might become extremely awkward to be around. A Libra loves to show off. When flirting, they tend to reveal all their strong points in a self-assured manner. Their looks as much as their balanced is what they use to win you over.

Leos can be really domineering when it comes to the flirting game and this can both good and bad depending on the flirtatious tastes of the opposite sex. But when they really like someone, their personality can be transformed to an emotional even submissive lover. If you want to find out what is your real flirting approach, don’t hesitate to read what comes next!

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You have a reserved but strong sexual vibe that others find intriguing. Your subtle body language draws people to wonder what’s going on inside that head of yours! If an admirer has the courage to breach your reserve, they will delight in your flirtatious side, which stems from your considerable sensuality and intelligence.

Flirting Style: Relaxed and romantic!


A Libran likes to demonstrate her perfectionism and well-balanced nature to make men fall for her. You know all too well just how beautiful you are, inside and out, and this confident aura works wonders for you when it comes to flirting! Knowledge and humour are the two weapons you are most likely to rely on.

Flirting Style: Practically perfect!


When it comes to flirting, you have more than just one technique up your sleeve! You can be subtly sexy or outrageously upfront about things, depending on your mood! You have the distinct ability to captivate admirers. When combined with your heart and soul, your flirting finesse makes you impossible to resist.

Flirting Style: Sexy and sultry!…

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