The way each Zodiac sign deals with or expresses their temper varies. For example Cancerians can be very emotional and protective.

Sometimes they inherently suppress their emotions and prevent themselves from reacting spontaneously in situations. This can result to sudden and unexpected explosions of . They can be really hurtful towards others when this happens but only because they feel that their integrity is at stake.

Taureans on the other side can will not keep their anger to themselves. At first they become distant and remote and that means that they are ready to explode. They have quite a healthy response when it comes to anger. When a Taurean is angry with you will know it instantly. But they know that fighting is only human and part of our . They can easily forgive and forget. A Taurus will never hold a grudge on somebody. In the following article you can read in detail how each expresses their anger.

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Beautiful, intelligent and charming, Virgos are often known to be creatures of peace. They love great conversation and will be drawn to you if you match their relaxed temperament. They don’t feel the need to be the centre of attention – what a lovely quality that is to have in today’s world, isn’t it? Of course, they get angry too, but it’ll fester inside them far longer than it really should. When it comes out, it may be unclear what it really is about because it’s been a long time manifesting, and it may have been displaced by now.


Librans are so sociable that at times you forget that they have their own likes, dislikes and opinions. Their charm engulfs you and they have a way of making you feel so loved and important. Librans don’t enjoy confrontation; it disturbs their balance, you see. A Libra will never give their opinion just for the sake of it. They will think about it and then act on their anger, if it all they need to in the end. While some may see this as sitting on the fence, a Libran just sees it as liking peace far more than war.


Even though a lot has been said about the “Scorpion sting”, it’s true that a Scorpio will only get raving mad when provoked. Though Scorpions are known as the wild and passionate ones, they are pretty chilled and easy-going in all their day-to-day endeavours. Much like Cancerians, Scorpions also tend to get fiercely protective. If you cross a line (a line they would have made amply clear, mind you), then there’s no sparing you. A Scorpio never forgets a kind deed or gesture, but will also always remember someone who has harmed them or their loved ones – forever…

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