Vipassana meditation is one of the oldest forms of meditation.

Vipassana stands for “to see things as they really are” or “insight into the true nature of reality”. The purpose of its practice is to clear the mind from all the unnecessary thoughts, and anxiety and see the world with a different understanding of ourselves. When we prevent distracting thoughts from occurring and give complete focus on our inner state and the way it changes and develops each and every moment we can get the true benefits of .

We then can experience pain as a human state that is not there to stay but comes and goes as a natural experience. When our mind is cleansed by the unwanted thoughts it has the ability to accept happiness and stay untouched by external factors. For more information on Vipassana meditation, read the following article.

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How to Use Vipassana to Calm Your Mind and Trust Your Life

There’s no doubt we all have stress in our lives — the important thing is how you deal with it. With so many options for stress relief it can be hard to choose one that’s safe and healthy. But there is one option that will never steer you wrong … and that’s mediation!

Meditation has been used for thousands of years for its multitude of mental and physical health benefits. One of the most helpful results of meditation is that it clears the mind of anxiety, stress, and frustration. Once your mind is free of these negative emotions, you have more room for love, compassion, and peace.

By simply sitting quietly and relaxing, you too can calm your mind and free yourself of negativity. Sure, meditation takes a bit of practice to feel that sense of deep mental ease, but the only real mistake you can make is not giving it a try!

There are many different styles of meditation — and they’re all beneficial — but right now we’re going to take a look at one many people believe the Buddha himself practiced: Vipassana.

How is Vipassana Different…

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