Do you think you were born for something big that hasn’t come yet?

Do you often wonder if you have chosen the right path of life? Astrology and more specifically your birth chart can help you identify whether your life choices are in line with your destiny. With astrology you have the tool to distinguish the of this lifetime but also the lessons that you carry from previous ones.
On the other hand, in this life journey, there are other forces that can help us understand our purpose on this earth. Our intuition and the power of are the most prevailing means for self-exploration. Our fate can be seen through the meaningful understanding of cosmic connections. When we realize that all events and human thoughts are significantly but also coincidentally connected we have made the first step of getting closer to our destiny. For more details, read the following article.

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1. Everything is connected….

We say this a lot when it comes to understanding and interpreting astrological events. And that’s because it’s the truth! When it comes to your Fate, and your Destiny, everything is connected as well. All Earthlings are connected to each other through our unconscious thoughts. Carl Jung called this the “collective unconscious.” This means that we are all connected in a cognitive, and unconscious way. Synchronicity occurs in the way of signs and clues of connections you have with other Earthlings. And yes, it is absolutely possible for you to be thinking about something at exactly the same time that someone else is thinking of it. That’s what synchronicity is!

Before a date for example, you may tell a friend, “I wish I could meet someone I could discuss Plato with.” And then, on your date, your date begins talking about Plato’s theory of form and function. This is synchronicity. There is no way your date would have known you had this conversation with a friend. This is a cue from the Universe that the date you are on, is a good one! But, because we are all connected in the collective unconscious, your date in fact DID know. This is synchronicity.

2. Synchronicity is meaningful coincidence….

A lot of people think that synchronicity and coincidence are the same things. They are not. A coincidence is two things happening at the same time, that have no relation to each other at all. Synchronicity is two things happening at the same time, that are completely related to each other. We often say, nothing is a coincidence, and everything happens for a reason. When you know intuitively what the meaning is behind your coincidental or synchronistic events, then you know you are getting closer to your Destiny.

For example, if two children walked into the same classroom on the first day of school at the same time, that is a coincidence. If those two children that had never met before walked into the same classroom at the same time, and also happened to be twins that were separated at birth, that would be a synchronicity. This is an extreme example. Another one is, thinking of someone you haven’t talked to in a while and then getting a call from them. Or, thinking of someone and then seeing their name on a sign or in a television commercial. These are not coincidences. You know when you come across synchronicity or coincidence by the feeling you have. Remember, everything is connected, and synchronicity has meaning. Synchronicity and intuition are connected, so pay attention to what your intuition is telling you, or how you are feeling, when these events occur.

3. Destiny can not be created or destroyed…..

This is the basic tenet of the Law of Attraction, and also of the law of physics. In science, energy can not be created or destroyed. It is what it is. Energy can change shape and form, and even travel, but it can not be made, and it can not be destroyed. Your specific consciousness is a collection of all of your life experiences and energy uses. In physics for example, just seeing something changes its place in your life. It goes back to the old adage, if a tree falls in the forest, can we hear it? Physicists would tell you no, unless you are standing right there. The experience of the fallen tree changes depending on your place in time when the tree falls.

Synchronicity works the same way. If you drive past a sign with a name on it that has meaning, but you don’t notice it, then you haven’t experienced that moment of synchronicity. It doesn’t change that the sign was there, sending you a message. But if you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. Destiny is what it is, and so is synchronicity. Being open to it, and keeping your intuition live and en pointe, will help you be in those right moments in space and time to see the Destiny that is often sitting…

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