Interpreting our dreams is like discovering the road to our unconscious thought.

When we can read our , we can truly know ourselves. The first step for interpreting our dreams is to practice specific techniques that work in order to remember them always. Firstly we need to keep a diary next to our bed and write anything that we can recall at the moment we wake up. With a little bit of everyday practice this can easily become a habit.

The following article suggests that we should always keep a bottle of water next to our bed that is labeled ‘remember’ and drink a sip just before going to bed and just after we wake up. When this technique becomes a second nature, we will start to develop not only the ability to remember clear details of our dreams but also to distinguish narrative patterns that are repeated often. For more details, read the following article.

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How Dreams Affect Your Mood….

It’s no secret that we get along better when we’re in a good mood. No one wants to make love to someone when they’re crabby or sad, now do they? Dreams can affect your mood, and that can have a knock-on effect when it comes to your love life. You may not even remember what you’ve dreamed (which is why a dream journal is so helpful), but what happened in that dream may affect you throughout the day.

Nightmares can have a strong impact on your mood. When you have bad dreams, you toss and turn and are very restless. You may even have a broken night’s sleep from waking from your dreams, trying to break their storyline. This can make you feel tired and irritable when you awaken. You may feel grumpy because you’re tired, or have an unsettled or nervous energy due to the resonance of the nightmare. This can be a hard energy to shake off, particularly if the dream was ominous or even sinister.

Conversely, a good dream can set you up for a great day. You may have dreamed of doing something fun with a good friend, or you may even have had a dream where you were having great sex! Oxytocin, a ‘feel good’ chemical that the pituitary gland releases during sex, can occur during sexual dreams just as it can during actual intercourse. This can set you up for a great day ahead—and set the stage for a physical encounter later that night!

3. Dreams and Your Relationships….

People who dream about problems in their relationship are more likely to have problems with their partners than those who do not have these dreams. Nightmares about your partner can sow seeds of doubt, creating friction between you. Even though dreams happen in the unconscious, and you may not remember them, the residue of the is still there. You may feel restless, or unsettled, and not know why. Perhaps it is something you dreamed.

61 people were studied at the University of Maryland with regards to how dreams affected their relationships. The studies were significant in their findings. The study found that dreams can have a predictive influence on a relationship. If you dreamed that your partner was doing something bad, it could have a bad effect on the connection between the two of you.

These kinds of dreams can be manifestations of your fears. Perhaps you don’t feel secure in the relationship and are frightened your partner is going to find someone else. This scenario could be played out in a dream, reinforcing your fears, and driving a bigger wedge of insecurity between you…

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