There are various methods of moderating our chakras but for each individual, some work better than other. A combination of all methods would be beneficial also. On the other hand we have to take into consideration the properties of each chakra in order to apply the appropriate healing. For example the third eye chakra could be brought into balance easier with the process of visualization as it is the chakra that is associated with intuition, instinct, perception and awareness.

Ancient Greek meditation is suggesting a strict awareness of thought.

The main ideology behind it is to awaken all human memory. It is practiced before sleep, bringing to memory the experience of the day using a simple technique. This way our mind is alert while we dream and memory is exercised even at this time when we have complete access to our unconscious mind. This form of meditation it is repeated in the morning in order to give to our mind the discipline of recollection during the day. In Eastern types of meditation, a different philosophy occurs. The idea of ‘emptiness’, clearing the mind from thought in order to reach calmness and peace, is mostly practiced in their techniques.

In order to balance the third eye and crown chakra meditation and music/sound are the most preferable processes but it is up to the individual to decide which method they prefer. Sound is not only important when we listen but also when we produce it. In ancient Greek meditation people used different vowels in combination to the consonant ‘ν’ which sounds like the English ‘n’. The most common sound was ‘ον’ (English – oon), which translated to ‘living being’. Later in Eastern practices the word ‘oν’ evolved to the popular ‘om’.

The can benefit from the previous technique, combined by a circle symbol with the use of our hands when they are put together. The repetition of the word ‘oν’ or ‘om’ can help unlock and balance the throat chakra as it is addressing to the human being inside of us using the specific sound frequencies that are needed but also putting the chakra into practice itself by voicing the word out loud.

The two middle chakras, heart and navel, are the chain that connects the upper and lower chakras. They are the ones that give and receive and the ones that keep the energy flowing from and towards the earth. Here it is important to combine all the different practices in order to keep the energy flowing at all times. Meditation, yoga and music can be found very effective for balancing these chakras. The most popular yoga position would be where our body is lying down to earth and we slowly bring our legs up, slightly bent. There is an imaginary line that our legs can’t cross forwards or backwards and that is a line at the height of the hips. We must stay in this position for as long as possible using our breathing to rest our body physically. We will immediately feel warmth to our belly and heart and that means that the energy is flowing and the chakras are unlocking.

Yoga is mostly practiced for the chakras located in the lower part of the body such as the root and sacral chakra. As it is considered to be a combination of physical and mental procedure, the lower chakras are benefiting mostly from the small distance of the body from the earth where energy can flow from and towards both directions. That is from the body towards the earth and from the earth into our body.
For example the most preferable body position for healing this chakra would be facing it towards the earth, so that the vital energy can flow directly from and towards the earth. A cross legged position can be ideal as our spine can directly point the earth using the crossed legs as a force to keep the body in that position.

It is up to each individual to decide which practice suits them best but in this article we can get some insight to different processes and start thinking what to take in or leave behind.