The King of Wands

The of wands is related to the element of fire, a metaphor for the strong passion that defines him. Even though his fiery nature urges him to act spontaneously, he takes time to evaluate any given situation and acts objectively and fairly. He is often an advisor and others usually trust his impartial judgement. When the card is describing a situation and not a person it suggests honesty and earnestness in a friendship or a strong mutual bond. The person involved in the reading has finally developed an inner maturity that helps them discard the minor traps and obstacles in their path and devote themselves into accomplishing any project or goal they put in mind. When the card is reversed the king of wands transforms into an authoritative and cruel figure. He is close-minded and does not care about other people’s feelings or temperament. His perception is distorted and he stands on the way of everyone around him.

The King of Cups

The king of cups is representing the balance between the mind and soul, emotion and intellect. He is devoted to the duty of protecting others and feels responsible for the wellbeing of those that he loves. He could represent a fatherly figure or at least a spiritual guardian. He makes mature and wise choices and is ready to fight for what he believes. This person cannot be easily manipulated or misguided. When the card is describing a situation and not a person all the previous qualities can describe the quo. The person involved in the reading may also take on artistic or theoretical studies at this time that will help them receive the social and personal respect they deserve. When the card is reversed this male figure may seem distant and mysterious. He has ulterior motives and does not act with honesty. When describing a situation this card reversed suggests obstacles and traps that can confuse and misguide the person concerned.


The King of Swords

The king of swords is sitting on a throne decorated with butterflies, the symbol of the psyche and is holding his sword with confidence. The background is covered with clouds suggesting a difficult past full of troubles and worries. This strong man has overcome many obscurities. He has matured by experiences that he often didn’t chose to encounter. Even though it seems that life has not been fair, the lessons he has been taught have been proved to be extremely valuable in the progress of his personal development. He is not a leader but a man that could be involved with the law where he could have the to practice his skills as a moral advisor. He is not afraid to express his thoughts and feelings, good or bad, and so others respect him for his honesty. When the card is reversed it suggests violence and destruction. Someone is trying to manipulate a situation to their own benefit.

The King of Pentacles

The king of pentacles is describing a socially and financially successful figure. He has reached the top of his goals and ambitions with great emotional cost. The king of pentacles has gained his wealth and power with hard work and great persistence. The person that this card represents may be a banker, a successful businessman or a person with a very high social status. When the card portrays a situation it indicates success in financial matters. If the king of pentacles is reversed it designates the figure of a conman that manipulates his partners repeatedly or a deal that will result to a dishonest partnership.

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