Have you ever thought that your sexual preferences might be connected to your zodiac sign?

So which is your perfect match? If you are a Scorpio and you are making love with a Scorpio is it the best you could ever have? You would immediately think that since you have the same ways in bed. This theory doesn’t always apply since the opposite star signs for example Cancer and or Scorpio and Taurus can have the most intense chemistry.

As we all know, opposites attract and this theory can turn out to be more real in our sexual life where ideas don’t matter and our physical and instinctual self does the talking. In the following article you can get an extended glimpse of your sexual identity. If you are also interested in discovering your partner’s hidden sexual tastes or fetishes read what comes next and find out their favorite positions in the bedroom!

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Start this position with him sitting on a chair and her straddling him. The Leo position offers a lot of intimacy but it also leaves your hands free to do whatever you desire. This position is perfect for a simultaneous orgasm. Her clitoris has direct contact with his pubic bone, creating fantastic friction. If she lifts her feet off the floor just a bit she can achieve repeated contact with her g-spot. You’ll be well on your way to royal bliss with this position!


Virgos often seem to be very conservative, so you may be surprised by this position selection. You simply begin on the floor, starting with doggy style. Once penetration is achieved he can stand up lifting her lower body with him, while her forearms remain on the floor. She can wrap her legs around him for balance or you may just find it easier to rest arms and head on a bed instead of the floor…

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