How much can you handle your alcohol?

Does it make you emotional or aggressive? Do you become chattier than you usually are? Does being drunk make you more honest or do you tend to piss everybody else off? Do you like playing games? According to the following Cancers usually cry after they had a lot to drink, where become aggressive and bold, Geminis might vomit their guts out and Virgos curse quite a lot.

Your Zodiac sign’s personality traits can be either exaggerated or even more suppressed after drinking a lot of alcohol. If you want to find out which sign is the heaviest drinker and which can’t handle their alcohol, don’t hesitate to read what comes next! In the following article you can find out all the details about your drinking habits according to your horoscope.

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We all know (or should know) that horoscopes are self-fulfilling prophecies and are, overall, a load of crap. However, despite this nonsense, it is always interesting to see if they hold any merit.

Which behaviors do you actually exhibit that are consistent with your zodiac sign? Do you think this is indicative of a truth or just happen to be a coincidence? Think what you want and think what you may.

While I believe this is all a load of bullsh*t, it is always fun to explore what different signs say about an individual. What’s even more entertaining is to see how members of different signs interact with one another in various situations. Which signs get along with others and which do not?

In true Elite Daily form, we are gong to analyze the drunken behaviors behind each astrological sign. Take this lightly, since we all know astrology means sh*t anyway.


Known for having an outgoing and friendly demeanor, an intoxicated Aries will bounce from person to person, checking in and making sure everyone else is enjoying themselves as much as the Aries is.

If not, you can count on this person to buy you enough shots until you are on his or her level. If you are ever in a bad mood, this is definitely the person you want to hit up for happy hour…

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