How does each zodiac sign deal with the social media?

Selfies, email, Facebook or twitter? Are you exposing your true self or an ideal image of your personality? Do you hate people that publish every moment of their lives publically for everyone to see? Or do you love to share your personal experiences with the world? Are you fond of using the internet to communicate or you do you hate technology and everything that comes with it?

Every has some personality traits more intense than other. But how does that connect with social media? are a modern and quick way of communicating with others, find new friends or even a medium to advertise our personal business or project. How each is using social media varies according to their personal qualities .In the following horoscope you can find out your social media habits according to your horoscope!

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Do you get really pissed whenever you see people post selfies? Or when they air yet another extravagant purchase they made? Is it their fault or is it because of their zodiac sign?

The personality and characteristics people exhibit on a daily basis say a lot about their social media game — and so do their horoscopes.

You may not realize the impact this has on social media, but today I’m here to enlighten you. Read on to see if your social media behavior is reflective of your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 20 – April 19)

Aries tend to be on the more self-centered side of the zodiac spectrum, so you know they’re the ones Photoshopping and thinning out their pictures. Before a friend can even post a photo of them, they must see it and alter it before it airs to the public…

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