All the Zodiac signs have their soft spots. There are ways they can be vulnerable and if their weakness comes out in the open, their world will be crushed to little pieces.

Each has each own little dark secret. For example Aries might look tough on the outside but deep down inside they are as innocent as children. This vulnerable side they can only exhibit to the people that are really close to, people that have gain their trust. If you betray their trust, they won’t leave you unpunished.

Cancers on the other side, hate showing weakness. So even in their darkest times they will try to look confident and self-assured as they are too proud to become fragile to external factors. In the following article you can discover which your partner’s deepest is in order to be more understanding to their weaknesses.

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Like the stars weren’t secretive enough, our signs related to them happen to have secrets too! Now, as much as star signs give away about your personality, they can also tell people what you might be trying the most to hide! Go ahead, discover your and your significant other’s darkest secrets.

The Softy – Aries

As bold and as tough on the outside, deep down, you’re a real softy. You secretly crave love and attention. And sometimes, you’re too damn shy to admit to the fact that you want people to be around you 24×7. You also refrain from expressions of love (unless you’re really secure in your relationship), lest you put someone in the position to play around with your feelings…

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