When our heart chakra is open, we are feeling fulfilled by the most intense of emotions, love.

Compassion and empathy become a way of communicating with people when our central is in balance. We may rarely experience anger towards other people. Even if someone is trying to upset you, with an open chakra, you will feel above that person and they won’t be able to hurt you. This is when we may attract more in our lives.

With an open heart chakra we understand that love is bigger than petty complaints. We don’t have emotional expectations from others and this is why we attract more people. With a balanced heart chakra we become sexier as we radiate inner peace and unconditional love. People tend to be naturally drawn to us. If you want to know more about how an open heart chakra can make you sexier, read the following article.

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An open heart chakra is sexy…..

When you have an open and a clear heart chakra, you radiate a sense of peace that is very, very sexy. You are open with your feelings and the human soul is naturally attracted to that. You behave in a way that is loving and kind, and you have compassion over the human journey. You don’t freak out when someone doesn’t text you back right away, because you realize, love is bigger than that. In a nutshell, an open heart chakra is a sexy thing, and very, very attractive. Think about it. Think of the nicest girl or nicest guy that you know that you know is just kindness and goodness all around. You just can’t help but want to be around them, and you light up when they are in your presence. That is hot! When your heart chakra is open, you have this effect on people. So if you want to experience more healing in your life, and attract more love in your life, unlock your heart chakra and watch the love begin to multiply.

How to unlock your heart chakra…..

• Get out in the great outdoors. Spending time with Mother Nature is a great way to let go of pain and stress, and to literally see the big picture. The heart chakra is ruled by Air, so let the air into your lungs and invigorate your heart. Now exhale all of that pain and sadness out. If you are doing it right, and truly letting go, you should feel more joy.

• Forgive more. Let it go, let it go, let it go. Don’t let the delayed coffee at Starbucks tee you off. Don’t let your late boyfriend tee you off. Let it go. Things happen. If this problem isn’t going to matter in 10 years, why are you making a federal case of it now? Let it go. Love more, judge less.

• Commit a random act of kindness as often as you can. The key to attracting more love is to first feel more love. And that is, more genuine love. So paying for someone’s coffee and then blasting it all over Facebook to get the Likes does not a random act of kindness make. Doing it in the quiet and stillness of the world without expecting a thank you or a pat on the back does though. Remember, attracting love involves being love first. Be love every day, no matter what your relationship status, and unlock your heart chakra a little more every day.

• Meditate on the color green. Create a happy place from this green space. Maybe a pasture, maybe a bed of flowers, maybe just a bed of green grass. Green is the color of the heart chakra, and meditating on this color helps to open it up. Imagine green energy filling up your entire body…

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