Changing the world, sounds like a fairytale to the cynics or a youthful dream.

But can it be a realistic idea? Firstly one has to make the necessary within themselves in order to be able to give hope for others. It is important to recognize our true self with honesty, understand our strengths and weaknesses and dispose of all the guilt and oppressive sense of duty. Only when one is free of all the burdens of life, they can truly find the strength within themselves to help others.

When we want to change our world, we need to start by looking to who or what is closer to us. Starting with our immediate environment and moving towards the adjacent surroundings is the only way to begin. We need to focus on small changes in order to alter the greater picture. You can use the following article as a guide that consist of 10 important steps towards changing the world!

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There are a multitude of levels at which you can create a change in the world. The microcosm, the macrocosm, and everything in-between.

Now, I am only a humble student in the world of creating change. I have had some excellent teachers and guides, who have taught me the value of listening deeply and asking lots of questions.

From all of my experiences, I have extrapolated a sort of “wave” of “things” that one can do that will make a difference, make an impact in the world around you. , making a difference in the world means affecting other people, for that is where the greatest change comes from.

From the smallest things to the biggest things, here is my list of what you can do to create ripples of change all around you, right now.

1. Love Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Enemy

This should be your foundation for anything that you do moving forward. It’s sort of a cornerstone that you can build anything on top of. If you have love in your heart for all things of the earth, the ones you like and the ones you don’t, (even those pesky mosquitoes), you will find yourself moving in the direction of connection.

Of course, not many people have a unified definition of what “Love” is…

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