Meaning and Origins

The human body can generate vital from various external sources. Different levels of vibrations, such as sound and color, are utilized in various parts of our energy system. There are seven main energy centers of the body called chakras. These cores work as spirals of energy, each one is connected to a specific human organ that it affects directly. All chakras relate to each other like a balance chain. Imbalanced chakras can cause instability to the human psychological properties.

The word Chakra in Sanskrit derives from the Proto-Indo-European kʷekʷlos and can be related to the Greek word kuklos, that means ‘circle’. According to Pythagoras theory, ‘The harmony of Spheres’, where he relates the cosmic harmony to the harmony of music, the seven planetary spheres and their expanse (axonal space) are highly connected to the seven energy spheres in the human body. Therefore, we can imagine chakras as nodes that circulate sourced vital and .

Sound is transmitted in frequencies and creates vibration (energy) that can directly affect our chakras and the same principles can be applied for colour that works in different frequencies.
Each chakra has a different colour, which means that it vibrates in different frequencies. We also use different sounds in order to heal the seven chakras as each chakra is addressed to different organs and psychological fragments.

In Ancient Greece, specific technology was used in order to create musical instruments that could create the appropriate sound which was used for such healings. These ancient instruments would be created by certain material such as wood or crystals and had a particular architectural structure and built in order to create each required sound or a sequence of harmonies.

These techniques have been developed through time and different locations. As civilations evolved and exchanged knowledge and goods. The ‘art’ of meditation travelled to the East where different elements and ideas were added to the original principles. The word ‘om’ for example, as we know it today that is used in specific chakra healing theories derives from the ancient Greek word ‘Ον’ that can be translated as something between human and creature.

When the human chakras are blocked and the vital or cosmic energy is not flowing naturally, they become under-active or over-active depending on the actual causes of this result. When for example the root chakra is under- active the person is highly unstable and can feel constantly unwelcome. On the contrary when the same chakra is over-active there is a security that leads the person to resist to anything that involves change. Depending on how much the person is feeding this block, the human organs that are related to this specific chakra can be affected directly causing even severe damage such as long term illnesses.

The healing process can be quite complex as there are different healing tools. These tools though are connected to the same principles so it easy for each individual to choose their healing path once the core ideas have been comprehended. The main standards that one has to keep in mind in order to balance his vital energy are sound, light (sun), water and our body position. The sounds or light we are exposed to, the purity of the water we consume and the position of our body can block our if they are not taken in to consideration on an everyday basis