Some chakras can be more active than others where other chakras can be underactive if you are suppressing feelings, thoughts or personal attitudes.

In case one of your chakras is predominately , you could be acting or making your decisions based on the personality traits that this can control. For example the sacral chakra mostly controls how you perceive the pleasures of life, when it is overactive it is a sign of addiction or a superficial way of living.

There is a danger that an active chakra can become overactive and all those positive attitudes can be over-exaggerated. This could have negative effects in your daily life and is something to be cautious of. In the following test you can find out which your strongest chakra is and how it can change your life negatively if it becomes over-active.

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…You are operating mainly from your Sacral Chakra; connected to the power of creativity and sensuality. Your joy in life creates sensuality, sexuality, and creativity is in the foreground. You have a deep need to share yourself with the world. You can succeed as sculptors, architects, and painters. You attract other people and are naturally sympathetic. You are always in search of something new and your creativity helps you along your path.

Women find great joy and fulfillment in motherhood. Men have a better harmony within their masculine and feminine aspects. People with strong sacral Chakras have the ability to reach higher spiritual levels of being. …

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