Have you ever felt your chest heavy?

Like you are caring a big burden inside and no matter how many times you exhale you can’t get rid of it. Breathing exercises and the power of exhalation may help soothing this feeling but it can’t really go away unless you express all the suppressed emotions and feelings you left bottling up inside.

According to some recent scientific research, the use of on an everyday basis may be very for our psychological health. The study took place in Keele University in England, where 67 volunteer students had to keep their hands in ice freezing water while for as long as possible and then repeat the same test but this time without swearing. The outcome of the research showed that the participants felt less pain when cursing. In the following article you can read in detail why swearing can be good for the soul!

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Your parents may scream at you and your significant other may scold you, but today you have the perfect defense to get these people off your back when they start talking about your cursing “problem.”

Thats right, this really isn’t a problem at all. While some people may think that having a colorful vocabulary means you are ignorant or offensive, that’s just not the case.

Studies have actually proved that swearing relieves pain! And isn’t that the goal of your little emotional outbursts? It can be quite cathartic as everyone knows and, finally, we have the science to back up these claims.

Sure, maybe you don’t want to drop the F bomb when your boss is providing your yearly review, but you know how good it feels to scream it when you bang your elbow on yet another countertop.

1. It makes you feel less pain

Have you ever heard of the hypoalgesic effect of swearing? I’m going to go with a hard no because who the f*ck studies psychology after they make it out of college…

But Richard Stephens of Keele University in England led a study that measured how long 67 college students could keep their hands submerged in ice water.

The group of students was encouraged to yell profanities for one controlled testing, and then to use non-swear words while completing the same test…


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