A Sag in bed may come across as selfish and egotistic trying to satisfy their own needs first. This is a defensive mechanism that may use not come closer to a potential partner. They need intimacy more than any other zodiac sign and this is why they are also deeply afraid of really getting close to someone. Sagittarius may sabotage their chances with a potential partner by pretending that they care own about their own sexual satisfaction out of fear of commitment. Try and ignore your first impressions as they won’t mirror the true sexual of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius also need to know they have a high level of performance in bed and won’t settle with anything lower than that. If they can’t perform sexually, they can become stubborn and obsessive with the idea, so try to make them feel relaxed and at ease. If such something similar occurs while you are in bed with them start the whole sexual process from the beginning by giving them long-lasting passionate kisses. They may forget that their obsession and give themselves to you. I any way, just show them that you can start all over again without making the incident a big deal.

If you get to know a Sag sexually, you will discover a raw sexual energy mixed with undertones. They may be passionate and full of fire in the bedroom and you wouldn’t think that they can also be capable of making love instead of raw sex. Since they have a true romantic nature, it is their secret skill to merge love and sex in a very special way. They prefer a romantic lover that is sharing tender words of love with them in the bedroom. So don’t hesitate to surprise them with warm kisses and words of affection.

Sagittarius adore love-making in nature. It is their secret sex wish as it can awake something primitive within them. Making love on the beach or under a tree in the mountains could turn them wild. They will feel that they always belonged there, with you! Take them for a romantic trip in an isolated place and get naked with them in nature. They will feel like being in paradise.

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