Kinky Scorpio gets most stimulated with the idea of having what they shouldn’t have, something forbidden. Scorpios usually have repressed thoughts and feelings which they tend to liberate in the form of sexual games. For them everything is allowed in the bedroom where that can be completely shameless.

The perfect sexual match for a Scorpio is someone that has no erotic taboos. They are the kinkiest zodiac sign of the zodiac cycle so nothing is too crazy for a Scorpio when it comes to sex. Sex toys or sex props, sexy underwear and flavored condoms are always welcome in their bedroom. In any case they need to know that they can explore their sexuality further with their potential partner otherwise they instantly. So the best partner for a Scorpio is someone that enjoys sex as much as they do.

They are extremely oral so they love to feel everything with their tongue. If you are a woman you may be surprised to know that your Scorpio lover knows exactly how to please you orally without even giving him any instructions. Scorpios are in general sexually talented.

With a Scorpio lover be ready to experience the most intense and use your imagination to drive them wild. Be certain even the most kinky sex games won’t surprise a Scorpio. So dig deep to discover your own craziest desires. Be certain that they will fulfill each and every one of them without a second thought.

For them lovemaking is one of the most important aspect of the relationship. They need to know that they can make love regularly in order to feel safe within a . A good sexual life would please a Scorpio enough to make the relationship a long- lasting one. So make sure you keep their erotic interest intact and they will never leave your side.

Make-up sex or public places do the work for them. Role-playing games will work wonders with a Scorpio. Make sure you exchange parts and you are not always the dominating lover as this might also affect your relationship pattern. Try and suggest something sexually depraved to turn them on.

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