Libras can be delicate in bed. They are graceful and patient lovers. Your life with a Libra is going to become better and better after you have found each other’s tastes. They prefer an elegant and classy lover, one that also comes across as stylish and sophisticated. A that takes good care of their personal appearance would immediately attract their .

In order to seduce a Libra you need to firstly make sure your personal appearance is smart and tasteful. The first impressions are really important when it comes to keeping a Libra’s attention. Libras prefer morning than night sex. It is they time when they feel the most energetic and this vitality can turn very easily to sexual desire.

They will try to find out what you like sexually in a discreet manner but they need to know every detail, as they want to use specific techniques to drive you wild in the bedroom. They also want to understand how they make you feel. They love to fantasize that they are the cause of their partner’s sexual excitement. So they can do anything to fulfill your needs.

On the other hand they don’t like a passive lover. As much as they would love to please you, they would also need to know that their partner is confident enough in bed that they could take charge any moment. This is actually what turns them on the most, a lover that would be the ‘boss’ in bed. This kind of scenario is a bit delicate as it could affect the patterns of the relationship. So as long as you don’t confuse your emotions with your sexual life, it can work wonders.

Libras live to please their partner in bed. The most sensual moments for them in bed is when they see their partner losing control by the power of desire. Their secret bedroom fantasy is to carry out one of their partner’s sex wishes. So try tell them your unfulfilled sexual craving, sit back and enjoy.

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