A Virgo may secretly desire a threesome. It doesn’t have to actually happen. The idea alone excites a Virgo immensely. So stimulate their imagination with the appropriate storyline during sex and you won’t regret it. This comes from an inner insecurity that makes them think they are not desirable.

Virgos have the need to be in service for others. By doing so, they think they distract all the attention from themselves directing it to they are helping out. Sexually they want to please their partner first and this makes them a kind of ‘servant’ in bed. Only when they feel secure and safe within a they can also open up sexually. This can only happen when they truly feel loved and respected. It is only then that they can reveal all their secret desires.

In a loving relationship a Virgo would let go all their steam and release all their inner erotic energy. They love phone sex as they adore to imagine their lover pleasing themselves for them. It also gives a sensual mystery to the whole experience. It is an outcome of their erotic liberation. Even though they may seem prude at times, deep down they just crave for reassurance. If you give them what they need emotionally, they will feel secure and reveal their true face in the bedroom.

So anything that can emphasize the fact that they are sexually attractive could be a turn on for a Virgo. A threesome can be an actual proof that more than one person may desire them.

There are also other ways to come to the same result. You can try to tell them that you constantly have sexual fantasies that involve them. Or that you can get them off your mind when you are without them. You may also praise their sexual performance at times indicating your own sexual fantasies and what you would like to do with them in the bedroom. If you reassure their confidence as a sexual being, you will definitely not regret it.

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