Leos are very passionate lovers. They love to dominate and to be equally dominated in bed. Love making can be a playful power struggle experience with them as long as it doesn’t become a pattern. It can be easy for them to differentiate the sexual part of a relationship from the emotional. This way they can be quilt-free when they experiment endlessly sexually.

For a Leo it is important to be with a lover that doesn’t have sexual taboos and reservations. A sexually modest partner that wouldn’t like to experience new things in the bedroom is not the right match for a Leo. So leave your erotic prohibition behind and enjoy the endless passion that a Lion lover can offer you.

For them the idea of is a completely different parameter within a relationship. Sex is a world where everything is possible and can happen in parallel with the everyday experiences of a partnership. So on hand you may see an extremely sexually liberated lover and on the other hand a devoted and conventional partner. This contradiction is what keeps a Leo sexually active in a long-term relationship.

Their secret bedroom fantasy though is to be able to fulfill their voyeuristic desires. When it comes to sex, a small amount of vanity may come to the surface, as they love to be able to witness a high level of sexual urge. Looking in a mirror while performing the sexual act can be one of the things that stimulates them extremely. Praising their sexual performance is another thing that may turn a Leo wild.

They also secretly need to know that they might be watched or being caught during the sexual act as danger makes their adrenaline run high. Having sex in public places is usually what a Leo would be into. Try and suggest to have sex on the beach or in the car, or simply go for it. You will turn them wild.

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