Cancers can be introverts in bed until they feel they can be emotionally safe with their partner. They will rarely come to an orgasm on a one night stand, as they idea of having intimate intercourse with a stranger could turn them off any moment. They more close you get with a emotionally the better quality of sex you will experience.

They get aroused with warm hugs and caresses. Passionate kisses that last for a long time may turn a Cancer on more than anything else. Their mouth is their soft spot when it comes to intimacy, so they would rather taste every bit of your body rather than use their hands. They are great kissers, they lust a lover that is willing to spend hours kissing them back. Don’t hesitate to kiss them all over their face as they will feel warmth and tenderness and open up to you.

They love foreplay so much that you might even say that they prefer it from the actual act. With them it is more important to experience the excitement that leads to the . The quality of your sexual life with a Cancer will depend merely on the duration of the foreplay. They hate rushing into quick sexual engagements. Spend time exploring their body with your mouth and hands, they won’t only return the favor but you might be surprised with the things you could learn from them.

Their belly is also a sensitive part of their body. This is not only the area that they are most likely to have health problems; it is also their initial g-spot. Try to caress their belly and you will see how they will immediately relax and enjoy it. They might be surprised at first as they may perceive it as intrusive behavior, but they will soon surrender to the great pleasure that you will unleash.

Secretly they long to be in charge in the bedroom, as they have a hidden controlling side, but this doesn’t happen until they feel secure with their partner. It may take time to enjoy a Cancer as a sexually dominating lover but it is worth to wait. Show them the affection that they long and then try to encourage them to take the upper hand, you won’t regret it.

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