Geminis are very imaginative in bed and maybe a little kinky. They get super excited when it comes to role-playing but they prefer their scenarios to be erotically hinted rather than boldly played out.

It is exciting for them to assume that anything can happen in the at any moment and need to feel they have a vast amount of choices when it comes to games. They love to know that their options are plenty.

Try to always leave things open in the bedroom. They may start one thing and go straight to another as they are pleased with the idea of being exposed to a mixture of sexual choices. So don’t be surprised if they constantly want to engage in different sexual positions. Just go with a flow and enjoy this imaginative erotic experience.

Geminis are not known for being shy, but the idea of a mysterious lovemaking scenario may turn them on more than anything else. They are very chatty, even during sex, so try and suggest things that you would like to do with them in bed. Make sure, you articulate plenty of ideas but use implications rather than stated facts. Triggering their is what excited them the most.

Their most sensitive body part is the area of the chest. So make sure you spend a lot of time satisfying them giving more emphasis on this part of their body. They also love to make love while still wearing some of their underwear as they have an inherent consciousness of how they appear to others at all times.

Role playing is a must for a Gemini. Don’t be afraid to choose characters that they don’t come out as classy because Geminis may be deeply intellectual people but when it comes to sex they may become extremely raw, always with the use of their vast imagination. Any kind of weird scenario could be interesting to them as long as it is not conventional. So they prefer something with a bit of a narrative rather than standard storylines.

If you invite them home for a romantic dinner make sure you create the appropriate atmosphere, as Geminis tend to perceive space in quite an intense way, as they are extremely intuitive. Use low lights and flowers to decorate the room. Try to suggest having sex on top of a flower bed, a beautiful setting will stimulate their senses

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