If you manage to the erotic imagination of a you will experience moments of passion that can be hard to forget. It won’t be difficult. Wear a sexy outfit or create a stimulating environment. Sex in the bathtub could also do it for them.

They can be very inventive and restless when it comes to sex. They hate routine and repetition so try not suggest the same as they can be easily bored. If you can’t think of something new and refreshing try to follow their lead. They will always be spontaneous when it comes to sex.

In order to liberate a Pisces sexually you need to first show them your modest side. They hate people that show of or individuals that are bragging for their accomplishment as they seem too untrustworthy to them. When they can be certain you are not pretentious, they are able to feel that they can trust you and only then you have gained their confidence. This way they are at ease and ready to share with you their secret fantasies and wild side in the bedroom. Knowing that their partner can be both modest and sexually restless can turn them on immensely.

Pisces love to touch and be touched all over their body. So don’t be afraid to use your fingers as much as possible. For a woman Pisces, her clitoris is her most erogenous zone and for a man a foot massage can definitely do wonders. Don’t forget to also show them tenderness and affection during sex. Pisces prefer to make love than raw animal sex. So indulge their sensitive side and you won’t regret it.

Appearance matters a lot to a Pisces so don’t be afraid to wear the sexiest underwear you have if you are a woman or take care your personal hygiene more if you are a man. They respect someone that respects themselves. They perceive the extra effort as a compliment and they won’t be shy to pay you back in the most passionate way.

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