Aquarius may look shy in bed but they can be extremely kinky once they sexually. Anything that can their imagination is welcome in the bedroom of an Aquarius. As they are considered to be deeply intellectual individuals the only way to attract their sexual interest is by firstly making love to their brain.

So consider a good bunter and a playful flirting experience as foreplay when it comes to the sexual seduction of an Aquarius. Talking during sex also stimulates them as long as the words that you exchange can arouse their imagination and are straight to the point. So you need to be quick and spontaneous.

They love role playing. So try to make up a character that you want to be but make sure to create an indecent one. They maybe into sci-fi or supernatural characters anything weird could stimulate their imagination. Make up a sexual scenario that has plenty of room to be developed. The more complex it can be the better. Because most of the time they live in a fantasy world of their own, they will feel comfortable creating one that they can share with their lover.

When it comes to they prefer things to come naturally. They hate planned sex or if they have to rush the sexual interaction. They need to know that they have plenty of time in order to feel free and unconstrained as they hate any kind of restriction even when it comes to sex. They love if everything start on the spur-of-the-moment.

They are also gentle and delicate lovers. They can’t perform sexually if they don’t have any feelings for the other person. So they will at least try to engage with you mentally before going to the bedroom. If you can stimulate their mind you can definitely stimulate their body.They can also become dirty in the bedroom but only if they can feel that they trust their lover in order to open up to that extent. Dirty talk is something that turns them on but usually when they are in a long-term relationship.

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