Capricorns are known for their durability. They are eager to have sex anytime and can initiate a sexual interaction too often. The best gift for a is a whole day in bed. They will get really excited if they know that you have canceled all your daily responsibilities in order to spend an erotic day with them.

They hate rushing things in the bedroom and really love to take their time in order to please and be equally pleased to the extreme. In the bedroom they can become animals and take out all their primitive instincts. It is like their body doesn’t work in coalition to the mind and has a personality of its own. If you are dating a Capricorn then you would know that the with them cannot exactly be described as ‘quality sex’ but it is more of an ‘outburst of sexual fury’.

They are sexually hungry so if you are into that kind of a lover then a Capricorn is the right choice for you. If you prefer a more delicate way of love-making or a partner with a more discreet sexual appetite then you should try to look elsewhere as a Capricorn performs at their best when they can surrender to a strong raw erotic energy.
They are not into anything you may suggest as long as they fancy you enough to try new things in the bedroom.

Capricorns don’t really like change and they prefer the standard ways for sexual stimulation. They can only go into new sexual adventures if they are confident enough within the relationship or madly in love with their partner.

They can be very confident of their own sexual abilities but they will never show of to you or others. They prefer to keep their love life secret as they think that it is only a matter concerning the two people that it involves. So they can be quite modest about the level of their sexual performance. After a lot of hours of love-making you will see a different Capricorn, relaxed and fulfilled.

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