Emotional anxiety and the suppression of sexual expression are often the main factors for blocking the second chakra.

The sacral chakra is highly connected with our material and stability. Social restrictions and personal experiences can lead to a false perception of ourselves. Our self-awareness can be fogged by the need for material success or the rejection from a partner. The imbalance of the sacral chakra is highly dependent on the healthy expression of our emotions and suppressed sexual fantasies.

We shall not confuse with emotional approval. The mind needs to be focused in order to distinguish such delicate issues. In order to overcome our everyday anxiety and misconceptions, we need to ask ourselves the right questions every so often. This way the procedure for balancing a chakra can register into our mind by using the method of repetition and the tool of exercising our memory.

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Ask yourself these questions to tune into your second chakra:

  • Do you hold anger towards your partner because of their choices related to sex?
  • Do you allow others to manage your money?
  • Do you feel free or stifled with your money and/or sexuality?
  • Alternatively, check the health of your ovaries, testes, kidneys, urinary tract, gallbladder, spleen and skin.

Furthermore, we get dysfunction in this emotional center from rejecting gender, holding anger or sexual guilt, not accepting our age, or believing we are “bad”.  A lot of beliefs society holds onto is because of the programming we got from our environment, which has tried to control us in the past. For instance, religious institutions alongside the governments have decided what is acceptable, similar to population control regimes.

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