In the early years of life, infantry and childhood, we experience an unconscious blissful state.

The human brain then works as a sponge that absorbs all knowledge and experience in a very intense manner. The mind then slowly learns to suppress thoughts and emotions in order to create a psychological defense for the difficulties tthat come in the path of life. It is then that innocence and spiritual harmony is lost. In adult years we seek to replace or find again that blissful state but the mind has already been constructed to work in conditioned ways not letting the to experience the anticipated freedom.

In order to experience that freedom and harmony again, we would need to make a conscious effort against the complicated methods that are mind works. The blissful state can never be experienced in the same way. We could only conceive concepts of unconditioned harmony using our mental power. Our intellect works hand in hand with our logic and would always create a clash between spiritual advancement and conditioned thinking which could be an obstacle for a conscious self-exploration and the disposal of critical thinking.

The first step for liberating the mind from conditioned ideas and concepts is to become aware of the flowing energy of life. We may perceive life as a constantly moving energy that never ceases to drift. It is an abyssal energy stream that circulates all its forces penetrating to the inner depths of the soul, where it reaches nirvana; a state where all the conditioned influences are ineffective.

Firstly we will need to become aware of the infinite forces of the life energy flow.

We can use meditation as a tool to unburden the mind and soul from old ideas, concepts and concerns. Try and get rid of old knowledge and experience and understand the importance of the , in order to grasp a fresh reality. Meditation can help us flow in parallel with the energy forces of life.

This process can be found very challenging as the conditioned mind tends to create unnecessary difficulties and setbacks laying traps to our efforts for liberating it. The mind will try and invent thoughts and seemingly uncontrolled reactions that derive from unconscious states of our being in order to sabotage our efforts for a free mind. To truly break this kind of mentality one needs to be able to observe with attention their conceptual tendencies, reactions and in general all the aspects of their mind in a conscious and an unconscious state. Starting by objectively monitoring all our significant behaviors and reactions with others, we may slowly but deeply understand our inner self and be able to explore the hidden features of our mind. We should be careful not to make our efforts under pressure but in a calm peaceful and non- judgmental manner as instead of opening up to awareness we will lock ourselves in the distractive tendencies of our mind.

It is suggested to release our conscience from hope and expectation in our quest for ‘a free mind’. If we are expecting a result we will not be able to experience the truths of the present. Fear for not having an immediate result from our efforts will prevail and the , experiencing and observing each present moment will vanish. With no hope, there will be no expectation and thus no fear. The fulfillment and practice of existing in the present moment will open the way into liberating the mind and coming closer to our inner self.