Nudity have been associated with the era of the ‘60s and terms like ‘hippies’ and other stereotypical conventions.

The truth is nudity is not only good for our mental and physical health but it is also our inherent way of being. We were born naked and there is nothing more natural than experiencing the of the sun and nature to the very core of our .

Nudity can liberate us emotionally and physically giving us an inner freedom and the comfort that most of us lack living in our own body. We may experience total acceptance of all the imperfections that our body may have and perceive our figure as naturally beautiful and healthy. While being naked the source of the sun can provide us with all the that our organism needs as we are able to have a more immediate access to it. If you want to know 8 benefits of nudity, read the following article.

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Nudity is natural. We were born that way and as much as possible, we should roam that way. If you live in a northern climate you only get 3 months per year but if you are in the southern region of the United States, your naked time increases. Take advantage of it. Here are 10 reasons why you should go naked right now.

1) Naked people have more fun

Seriously, folks, can you really have a bad time when voluntarily nude? No. The more you are naked the more you will be comfortable with your own body. the more you will know your own body. The psychological benefits of living in the nude are enormous.

2) Clothes become more fun

This might sound backwards but by increasing skin time you increase the fun of clothes time. It won’t be about hiding bad feature on your body, rather, celebrating the features on your body. It’s not about fitting into the latest style, it’s about enhancing the style that is unique to you.


3) It’s your natural state

Males worry about the size of their penises. If you think Aboriginal tribes men walk around worrying about the size of their penises, you are wrong. Women worry about the size of their milk sacs. If you think Aboriginal women walk around worrying about the size of their breasts, you are wrong. These mentalities are a cancer perpetuated by a marketing culture that profits from insecurities…

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