The throat chakra signifies the ability of a person to express their thoughts and ideas freely and honestly.

The symptoms for its imbalance can be either physical or psychological. Sometimes you feel you have lost your words during a conversation and haven’t been responding truly to the other person. You may experience a feeling of guilt and regret by the end of it and bring to mind all the things you could have said and didn’t, but now it’s too late.

In this case the is underactive depriving us from the freedom of honest . When it is overactive, the person can become very judgmental and disrespectful towards others without taking into consideration their feelings and need for expression. Physically a person with an imbalanced chakra may experience earaches, pain in the throat or even symptoms of thyroid. In the following article you can get a full insight on how to unblock your throat chakra successfully.

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1. Embrace those who challenge you

Oh boy. There are a few people that come to mind as I write this. The people that challenge you most are typically the ones that you don’t like. You don’t like them because they make choices that you don’t agree with. These people challenge your view of things. The trouble here is that often react by aggressively defending our own ways of doing things or by trying to change them so that they adopt our viewpoints.

If you embrace them and accept them as the teachers that they are, you’ll stop fighting them and begin learning from them. These people are giving you the opportunity to change your way of doing things and see another way of living. They each have something to teach you. Look for the lesson and appreciate that they are in your life.

For example, a person can teach you to stand up for yourself because they take advantage of you. They challenge your way of being by their treatment of you. Other times, a person can teach you about love by never expressing it to you. You learn that expressing love can make the receiver feel loved and supported and the opposite if love is not expressed. This person has challenged your way of being.

2. Think before you express yourself

Feeling a certain way doesn’t give you permission to be insensitive to the feelings of others. It’s okay to be angry or sad, but not to intentionally hurt another with your words. Be sensitive. Communicate your message with as much love as you can…

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