When we meditate, we don’t only momentarily experience spiritual clarity and inner peace, but we receive long-lasting benefits that we don’t realize at the time.

Even a few minutes of , daily, can be proven to be very valuable for our future physical state. Meditation doesn’t only help us improve our health physically but it is a favorable practice for our development and psychological well-being. First of all with meditation we release tension and we can live a more relaxed, stress-free life. It is scientifically proven that when we meditate, our brain reduces less stress cortisol, which means that our stress levels can decrease.

The second advantage is that we actually get smarter. A long term meditator may undergo various brain changes. If we meditate for a period of time on an everyday basis the size of gray matter in the brain increases which is a scientific proof for higher levels of intelligence. If you want to know more long term advantages of meditation, read the following article.

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3. Pain relief.

Another thing about meditation that not many people know is that one of its greatest long term benefits is relief. Again there are many spiritual theories on this topic that could be discussed at length. Engaging in spiritual activity is known to decrease your pain relief because you are directing pain energy elsewhere.

But when it comes to the actual scientifically proven data, meditation is good for pain relief for a very clear reason. The practice of meditation thickens your cortical layers in the brain, and this is very useful when it comes to pain management. Thicker cortical layers will reduce the number of pain transmitters processes, and will eventually lead to a reduced sensitivity to certain types of pain.

This is why meditation is so great for migraine sufferers, or anyone that deals with chronic pain. More and more studies are coming out that show us this, which means, we have more new evidence coming out every day that meditation actually does aid in pain relief. Norman Rosenthall, a former 20 year researcher for the National Institute of Health has been known for his famous joke about meditation, “If it were a new drug, conferring this many benefits, it would be the biggest-selling, multibillion dollar drug on the market.”

4. Decrease in medical bills.

So, it would only make sense then that if you can rely on meditation as a health benefit, and even for pain management at the long term level, you are likely going to see a reduction in your medical bills as well. You have nothing to lose by trying meditation for 30 days to see for yourself. You will simply feel more relaxed about life and open to spiritual healing that it will just happen, physically as well.

But again, it isn’t just the spiritual side of things that shows up in study after study on the effects of meditation on health matters, and certainly the financial side of your health matters as well. One insurance study even did a study on it themselves, and studied 2,000 people meditating over 5 years. That insurance company compared hospital visits, doctor’s visits, surgeries, and medical costs of that group to 2,000 that did not meditate, and guess what they found? Fewer bills and receipts from the meditators coming in than the ones who didn’t. Now that insurance company has room in many of their plans to pay for meditation programs, because they know it will keep their long term costs of health care down. True story!

5. Better relationships.

Well this is just what naturally happens when you start to feel better about life in general. When all of these long term benefits of meditation start kicking in, you start feeling better about life in general. When you are feeling great, your relationships reflect that. So life with the people that you work, the people that you love, and the people you are family to will begin to just get better. The reason is because you are healing from the inside out, and getting a vision of just what really matters and your greater purpose in the world when you meditate. When that happens, drama and stress and day to day hassles bother you less, and people bother you less as well. You become in a more naturally open place of accepting, and giving unconditional love. It can’t help but trickle into your relationships. Everywhere…

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