Leos are much energetic and vigorous people.

They have a great sense for personal achievement which sometimes can make them competitive. They demand to be the center of attention with one way or another and if they can’t manage that they tend to go in a huff and feel hurt. This may happen because deep inside they are very sensitive and insecure but they hardly ever communicate their sensitivity.

As a result when they are in an intimate relationship they want to exhibit how powerful and confident they are. Even though this is a product of their insecurity they come across as too competitive and aggressive towards their partner. This way they chase their other half away. They should realize that being weak sometimes it’s part of the human process and no one can be perfect in everything they set up to do, especially intimate . In the following article you can discover the 6 common mistakes a Leo makes when they are love.

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A Leo person actually is a very interesting figure.

On hand, you cut a heroic figure of somebody who is dashing, somebody who is brave, and somebody who is willing to stand up to authorities.

You can easily be looked at as a knight in shining armor. Similarly, you can also easily be looked at as a woman with a strong inner core.

While these are all true, it is just a small part of the total picture. These are just separate and ultimately minor angles of who you really are.

If you really dig deep down, the Leo is actually quite complicated. There is a reason why you tend to appear very confident.

The real reason of course is a deep and profound sense of insecurity, inadequacy, and lack of fulfillment.

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution to this deep and profound flaw in your personality. There is no such thing as a purely imperfect horoscope sign.

We all start out at point A and depending on the choices we make, we end at point Z.

What is important is not the fact that we ended up at point Z. What is important is who we became on our way to our destination.

I hope this is clear because this is fundamental to a clear-eyed understanding of Leo’s romantic mistakes.

Here are the 6 mistakes you are probably making when it comes to love.

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