Meditation is about clearing our mind from all the unnecessary thoughts.

In order to enjoy the benefits of one needs to prevent the mind from thinking and instead to start living from moment to moment. There are various ways to achieve this state that can help make the process easier. Repeating a Mantra is one of them. A Mantra is a positively and spiritually charged word or accumulation of words.

When we repeat this word internally in a constant pace we begin not only to focus in the word itself, clearing our mind from distracting thoughts but we also pay attention to its meaning and let its forceful energy charge the depths of our soul. Thoughts may come and go but we can always use our Mantra to bring us back into focus. If you want to know more ways to make meditation work easier for you, read the following article.

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2. Know that you are not in a competition to be the best meditator.

Many times we get into meditation because we hear about it from a friend or a group that we find ourselves involved in. Meditation is often times held in groups and sometimes we cannot help but feel that there is a bit of a competition going on within the group to show who is the greatest seeker in the room. People don’t readily allow themselves to admit this, but one of the downfalls of the community is the individual desire to appear more spiritual than the crowd. This is a trick of the ego, as the practice of meditation and/or yoga is about being part of the whole, or seeing the Divine in all.

We must never compare our journey to that of another within this community as each person is on their own path. If all paths lead to one cosmic merging with the absolute, then there is no need to compare one’s spiritual experience with what we believe another is experiencing. Your best meditation experience will be you feel no need to share with others.

This isn’t about showing off or achieving points for being the best. This is about going within, experiencing the absolute within and being free from the notion that you need to prove what you feel to others. Share, but do not compare. Your experience is yours, and it is no better or worse than anyone else’s.

3. Make use of incense, candles, and atmosphere.

In addition to the one-pointed concentration on the mantra of your choice, you may enjoy the peaceful externals that can assist you in creating the perfect environment to meditate in. The place in which you choose to sit for meditation is as important as the meditation itself. Depending on how advanced you are, that place can be anywhere.

However, to start with, it is best to find a comfortable seated position, in your house or with your meditation group. While proper meditation is achieved in a seated position, there is no rule that disallows the practitioner from lying down, if sitting causes any pain or discomfort.

The use of incense is often helpful, as it creates an environment that is suggestive of the spiritual realm. If we light a soft scented incense, such as Nag Champa during the time while we are meditating, we will start to associate the scent with relaxation. After a while the smell of the incense itself will be enough to induce the perfect milieu for cultivating the presence of the Divine.

Also, meditation is best in a darkened room. I like the mystical atmosphere created by soft candlelight. While it’s not my preference, some people like to add New Age music to their ritual. I will say that I am fond of the sound of the one-stringed Indian instrument called the tamboura – a consistent strum of this exceptionally mysterious sounding instrument is enough to send me into the very depths of meditation…

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