In order to analyze the tarot cards and interpret them accurately for each participant, a deep knowledge and understanding of their symbolisms and a focused practice are not enough.

The reader needs to be able to put their intuition into motion and read between the lines, see behind the symbols, ‘become one’ with the cards.

1.The cards contain cosmic truths, ideas and principles and so to fully interpret them one needs to recognize and follow the progression of the origins in order to reach the results. Going back to the root of the issues that concern the participant and following the symbolisms in the cards, using this as a guide, can help the reader connect the cause with the result. By practicing this method the reader activates their intuition.

2.It is also important for the reader to use their wisely. By grasping the tarot principles and respecting the rules they can easily reach the right conclusions. It is essential not to use the symbols recklessly. Our imagination can easily misguide us and let us wonder in unknown paths. In order to avoid false interpretations caused by the blind obedience of our imagination we need to familiarize entirely with the methodical practice of the tarot.

3. Every day anxieties, difficulties and worries have created a modern man that finds it inconceivable to accept practices such as the tarot reading. In order to consent and become objectively receptive one needs to raise their antennas of awareness and open up to the universe without being prejudice. Once we can fully surrender to our spiritual reality and receive the messages of the on-going expression of the natural circumstances, we can reach our higher intuition beyond the distorted mirror of our imagination.

4. It is not preferable for the reader to practice the tarot for their personal reading. Our desires, emotions and personal judgement can distort our perception. Even the need for a clear solution to our problems could distort the interpretation of the tarot cards symbolism. Our strong interest to find a resolution to any unfavorable circumstances that have occurred, can make us more bias in a reading concerning ourselves than one related to another person. This is why we should be able to discipline our imagination and combine it with the element of logic.


5. In a tarot reading, it is essential for the reader to maintain the clarity of thought despite any specific traits in the personality of the person concerned in the reading. The reader needs to stay impartial in a conscious and unconscious level in order to allow the flow of energy to circulate and for the true messages to appear through the symbolism of the cards. The way to accomplish that is to keep a positive and calm frame of mind creating an appropriate mood for communication in order to let the hidden messages emit in the ambiance. The balance of different energies can be accomplished only after gaining some experience in the tarot reading.

When someone thinks they have familiarized themselves enough with art of tarot, they can start the process of the first reading. This can only be accomplished after reaching an internal calmness, balancing the with the use of higher intuition and generally obtaining a sense of subjective desorption. The mind and body should remain calm and the reader should be able to control his passive attitude in a wise manner.

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