Meditation is the key to bring balance to your upper body chakras.

When we talk about , we don’t refer to some spiritual and mystical practice that only trained experts can exercise. Meditation is everywhere. It can be found in simple daily chores or even in the ten minutes before we fall asleep at night. It is simply clearing the mind from all the unnecessary thoughts and maintaining our focus on anything that can help us find peace and harmony. Without distractions our mind can be capable to bring balance to our body and soul.

The Crown and Chakra are represented by the indigo and the violet color. Being exposed to those colors, either by painting a wall, wearing violet and indigo clothes or jewelry can help trigger those upper . When we meditate under the influence of these colors we are able to stimulate the corresponding energies of these two chakras. For more details, read the following article.

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Meditating is very easy. You don’t need to be Deepak Chopra to meditate, or to have meditation work for you. And because information from the eclipse portal needs to be seen and heard, rather than actively manipulated by you, you need an experience to activate that information that is very quiet, and very conducive to…seeing and listening. Despite what many gurus say, there is actually no wrong way to meditate. I have been known to say that “baking cookies is my meditation.” I know someone who says her garden is her temple. Whatever puts you in a state that disconnects you from the clutter of the world, and allows you to only focus on the within, is your meditation too.

It may be gardening, or cooking for your family, or it may be just lying on the couch staring at the ceiling. You can focus on something like getting your hands in the dirt, without focusing on any “thing” at all. When I’m baking for example, often I use recipes I’ve been using for years. It’s all on autopilot, the world around me disappears while I create something both externally, and internally. Some of my best inspirations have come in these moments when there are literally no distractions around me at all.

What is your meditation? Don’t shrug off meditation just because you think you need to be a guru or Deepak Chopra to do it. You have your quiet place too. When you figure out what that is, you too can use that power to activate your third eye chakra and crown chakra, and enter the eclipse portal. Eclipse work is a little more intense than meditating while making shortbread. So here are some tips to help you get into the eclipse zone.

1. Find the right colors.

Are the violet hues from the page jumping out at you? We’re trying to help you activate those chakras. The crown chakra is symbolized by the colors violet or white, and the third eye chakra is symbolized by the color indigo. Having these colors around you, or on you in jewelery, will help to activate these chakras when you are in meditation. Candles of these colors are particularly useful, because the light will attract the energy you want as well. Flowers, soaps, even a fuzzy violet blanket to rest on are all things you can do color wise to activate these chakras. Crystals that are known to be good for this are sapphire, spirit quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst.

2. Make it a scentsual experience.

Each of the 7 chakras is connected to one of our physical senses, and even two more senses with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. This means that each of the 7 chakras is highly sensitive to scent therapy or aromatherapy. Make your crown chakra and third eye chakra meditations a scentsual experience. Focus on the colors of the chakras as well, and bring those two senses together. So lavender scents, lilac scents, jasmine and sage are all beautiful scents to activate when working with the chakras to enter the eclipse portal…

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