We are always looking for ways to improve our brain activity either by reading books, practicing our memory skills or attending a class that we think it will expand our horizons to knowledge.

What we don’t know is that there are specific methods that can make us think faster and smarter. thinking is one of them. It may sound as a cliché but actually negative thinking slows down our thought process.

When the mind has to deal with depressive emotions it transforms into a slower or even lazier mind that loses the ability to focus on ideas and important issues. It is like our thinking process works on slow motion. In order to completely dismiss negative thoughts one needs to make the effort and see the constructive side of things. We must learn to say no to negativity. By constantly refusing bad thoughts we can create a path towards making this technique a way of living. For more tips on how to make your function at its best, read the following article.

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1. Boycott Negative Thoughts

Watch the news today and it seems almost impossible to stay positive. We hear upsetting stories all the time, read about how bad the economy is, check our to see crass, negative jokes, and then get stuck listening to mean gossip around the water cooler. The problem is that not only does all this negativity bring you down, pulling you into an emotional dump, but it also has a direct impact on your brain’s ability to function at its best (Radwan, n.d.).

Negative emotions depress your brain and make it work more slowly. It actually disrupts your thinking process (Radwan, n.d) and your ability to focus. The answer – be positive. Boycott negative thoughts.

How do you do this? Here are a few ways. Make positive thinking a priority in your life, walking away from negative situations and refusing to let bad thoughts in. Look for the good in people and situations, see your glass as half full rather than half empty, and your brain will thank you for it.

2. Constantly Practice Memorizing Things

The more you exercise the giant muscle that is your brain, the harder and faster it will work for you. Memorize important facts, such as people’s names or an interesting date in history, every day. Look up a new word and memorize the meaning.

Use mnemonics – memory tricks – to help you remember shopping lists. Practice spelling difficult words like you are in a spelling bee, saying the word out loud, then spelling it out loud, then saying it again. Exercise that muscle between your ears and it will become stronger and faster.

3. Increase Your Coffee Intake

Sigmund Freud used to use cocaine because he said that it made him more productive (PBS, n.d.). Today we know that cocaine is incredibly unhealthy and not at all a good way to increase productivity, but we also know that Freud might have benefited from upping his caffeine intake.

In fact, a study out of Harvard University has demonstrated that caffeine can impact the brain, increasing awareness and wakefulness in the short term. It also can boost memory ability in the long term (Watson, 2014)…

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