When our chakras are blocked we may experience physical and psychological suffering.

At times when we are not aware of the source of such discomfort we can rely on techniques that can help us cleanse our in order to feel healthy and revitalized again. Such techniques may include , yoga, music therapy or simply escaping to nature for a day or even a few hours. Nature has healing powers beyond our understanding. It can help us bring a natural harmony and to the body and mind. The following article can give you 5 hints in order to identify whether your chakras are blocked.



1. Stress is often a clear indication of imbalanced chakras…

The first hint has to do with stress. Our chakras may be out of balance when we go through a stressful period. If we are using the word ‘stress’ a lot on a daily basis, it is often an indication that we are blocking our inner energy fields. When we often repeat that we are stressed, out loud, it is usually a cry for help.

On a daily basis we may experience life on a  fast pace due to obligations we build upon ourselves that o do with our career our family or our personal lives. We tend to overload our schedule with various tasks and without realizing it, ending up dealing with a lot more stressful situations than we can truly handle. This may happen to each and every one of us due to the demands of today society’s structure. But how can we avoid enduring such stressful states?

The first step is to be aware of our mental state at all times and be able to control our duties in a way that we don’t overload our schedule with unnecessary tasks. Anything that can be avoided or canceled should not worry our busy mind.

Sometimes we may reach a state where everything matters equally and we can’t truly comprehend what is important and what isn’t. This results to extreme anxiety and psychological pressure. In this case meditation may be the key for clearing our mind in order to reboot a fresh rejuvenated self that can evaluate everything according to its proper value.shutterstock_164864216


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