For Pisces every day is a new day not only because they can get genuinely excited for something new and fresh but also because they have completely forgotten the previous day.

It is true that have a short-term capacity but there is more into it than that. Pisces have emotional memory but not a factual memory. They experience everything through emotion and intuition so they can understand the progress of things through their feelings and instincts.

They can be very observing and give attention to detail and this is why they have a photographic memory. They can a telephone number only if they have previously seen it written but they might not remember names or actual experiences that they had. They are creative by nature and jealous when it comes to their partner. They want to receive unconditional love by their other half and are naturally honest people. If you want to find out 5 basic truths about Pisces, read the following article.

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Astrology has been a topic of conversation since ancient times, and now, in 2015, things are no different. Zodiac signs are as commonplace as smartphones.

Whether you plan your meals by the stars or simply read horoscopes because the rest of the newspaper isn’t interesting enough, we can probably all agree that astrological signs have piqued our interest at one point or another.

We are about to enter the cycle of the last astrological sign, Pisces, which runs from February 20 to March 20. Being a Pisces myself, I am well acquainted with the pros and cons of being “the fish of the stars.”

So, I’m here to give us all a crash course in understanding the Pisces’ of the world.

We’re Creative.

We would much rather write, paint, sing or create than sit behind a desk. Not only have we all dreamt we are the next big thing in our creative fields, but chances are, we also hold the ability.

Our out-of-the-box thinking comes in handy in any predicament, whether it be at the office or amongst a friend group. We see things in every color of the rainbow, not just black and white.

The dark side of creativity is escapism; we create these places to run to when the real world gets to be too much. We are so good at creating these fantasies, that sometimes, we believe them to be true…

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