Our is the repressed collective memory part of our brain.

It is there that we store all the unnecessary information but sometimes we tend to deposit all the unpleasant memories of the past. When you don’t deal with our real problems the mind tends to repress them as thoughts and put them in a place where our conscious mind does not have immediate access to. In order to find our true inner self and accept the facts and troublesome experiences objectively without being negatively emotionally affected we need to reach those thoughts, feelings and experiences and embrace them.

Positive awareness is the key to our subconscious doorway. But how can we dive to the unconscious and release this deeply hidden suffering, turning it into bliss? The following article suggests four of the most popular techniques for unblocking the subconscious mind and releasing its energies into a safe spiritual environment.

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…The subconscious rules so much of our lives from behind the scenes. From the moment that the sperm meets the egg and begins to process of forming a life, you are governed by the subconscious- your mothers and your own. The subconscious is the force that tells your heart how to beat, when to blink, when to feel hungry.

All of your physiological functions are the work of your deeper mind. It also has a huge impact on how we perceive the world. The subconscious works very quickly, analyzing the world around you all the time, finding the patterns and making assumptions that you realize consciously. In metaphysical terms, the subconscious is the force that can make or break our creative and spiritual processes. In many ways, the subconscious is a truer reflection of your soul – it is the foundation upon which the ego and the conscious mind our built. So how do we make it listen?

This is not an easy answer. There is not one method that will make everyone’s subconscious change its old patterns to conform to the new paradigm that we wish to consciously install. I have decided to explore the methods that are either the most popular or the most effective to me personally that I do not see being explored as much as I think they should. Try them out, experiment and explore, and you will find something that works for you so long as you maintain an open mind…

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