In modern society people have learned to operate mainly out of fear.

Fear has been embedded into our souls either through the media, the education system and our personal experiences while we were growing up or even incidents we encountered in our household in our early years. But what makes our primary emotion? Why has it become a habit to act out of fear and not out of love? Fear can either be an of dealing with situations or in some cases the only means one has learned to operate with.

In order to recognize and reject a way of living based on fear, firstly we need to realize that we have a choice every living moment. When we come to a dead end in life, we may select to remove ourselves from the situation, review it objectively and decide on the way we want to deal with it. We have a choice. We can either prevent fear from taking over or let it guide our decisions. For more information, read the following article.

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attack of crows,man running away from flock of birds,illustration painting
attack of crows,man running away from flock of birds,illustration painting

When you think of it, we still live in a fear-stricken world. My guess is that 99% of the human population lives in a fear-based mentality. We all know or feel this in some way or another. If we review our personal life we will always find thoughts, beliefs and episodes that revolve around the central theme of fear – fear for our loved ones, fear of loneliness, fear of change, fear of loss, the unknown and so on.

All this pervades through all levels of society as a collective. Economic, political and military decisions are based on some apparent logic but when scrutinized enough we find that in reality they are rooted in illogical fear.

You Always Have a Choice

Fear and love are the basic units of human emotions. Yet we constantly choose fear over love because for some of us it’s the only thing they know while for others it is an unconscious choice.

At its core, fear has an evolutionary purpose – it drives the fight or flight survival mode. But in our complex modern societies, fear became a by-product rather than an indispensable drive. It can debilitate us, immobilise us from taking action or move forward. It muddles our thinking and most of all ends up being self-destructive.

When we face difficult moments in our life – when our world is shaken or threatened – we helplessly fall into fear-mode. The real danger is not the fear itself but rather the fact that it overrides our feelings and thinking and leaks into all that we do. When we let fear get into the cockpit, panic is bound to put us in danger.

So when we face a scary moment or life situation, we always have a choice to react in fear or to respond consciously by keeping perspective, evaluating it from a different angle and calling on our inner and outer resources. This is something that will be dealt at length in Sonia Ricotti’s Free Master Class ‘Unsinkable’ on the 24th November.

To make it simple enough – what you need to be conscious of when you feel that fear and panic are taking their grip on you is that you have a choice – you always do. Start from this simple but powerful thought and the rest will begin to present itself on its own accord…

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