In a long term relationship a Taurus man is everything a woman has ever dreamed of in a man.

He will buy you flowers, take you out on expensive meals, travel with you, and give you the emotional stability you always wanted. He is fully committed to the and loves to spoil the woman he is with. Taurus men like their daily routine and have their set ways in life. They need to feel the security of a good home, a base for them where they can recharge their batteries in order to get ready for the everyday life struggle. Their partner needs to respect these boundaries and be understanding towards their need of a personal space.

On the other hand if a has made his partner part of his routine then the trouble starts. He may be too comfortable in the relationship to actually end it but you will sense his lack of interest with the following signs.

He stopped indulging you

When a Taurus man is in love, he likes to treat his woman like a queen to the extent that he might end up spoiling her. Even after many years of being in intimate relationship that is nourished with love, he will now and again surprise his partner with gifts or other contributions. If you have stopped being spoiled by your Taurus man and there is a huge difference between the beginning of the relationship and the current situation then you have a definite sign he is getting bored.

He is not passionate

Taurus men are passionate lovers. They love to express their lust and desire for their partner even in public places. When they are in love they tend to look at their partner as the only other person in the world. It is like they live for their loved one and get rejuvenated by this love. If your Taurus partner has stopped demonstrating his emotions for you, as in stopped kissing you with affection or caressing you, then he has lost interest in the relationship.


He looks at other women

The final and most critical indication is of course when he starts looking at other women. Taurus men are quite loyal in long term relationships. It takes a lot of them to fully commit to a partner and trust them so it is very difficult for them to erase their effort. If they are starting to look at other women or even cheat on their partner it’s only because they don’t have the strength to end it. They have stopped being in love a long time ago though.

He wants to leave the relationship but he feels comfortable in it

If your relationship with a Taurus man is only based on your mutual routine and you have lost the spark between you, don’t wait for him to finish it off. He might never do. There is a good chance he will create parallel relationships or get his erotic desires covered from different sources such as flirting or creating platonic friendships with other women that he secretly desires but he will find it very difficult to put an end to your relationship. This is because he likes his comfort and he hates change. Be sensible and leave this relationship behind first. Because the longer the time passes the more you will regret it.

As much as a Taurus man may need an emotionally stable and secure relationship, he can easily get bored in a stagnant . Make sure that you never forget to fire up the passion between the two of you and you will never lose a Taurus man from your love life.

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