Scorpios are the most passionate lovers in the Zodiac Family.

Loyal and fully committed to their other half they will let you know you mean the world to them when they fall in love. Although it doesn’t take much for a to feel betrayed. As they get too possessive and stubborn when it comes to love they want their partner to play by their rules or else they . Since they are too introvert and hypersensitive they will find it hard to communicate the fact that they are with words, so they may find other ways to tell you that your relationship is over.

1. He is suddenly rude and cold

If you have a long-term love affair with a Male Scorpio be sure that he has made plans for your shared future. If he is committed to you, it means that he has dreamed of your future life together. He trusts you and so he can come out of his shell and show you all the affection that you need. If a Scorpio Man is starting to lose interest in you, you will immediately notice a difference in his emotional expression. He will become rude and abrupt and stop giving you the emotional stability that he used to. From a warm and passionate lover you will suddenly see a cold and distant man. They might snap at you and stop sharing their secrets. Scorpios don’t like to waste their time with someone that they are not meant to be with. So you will notice an immediate change in their attitude.


2. You sense that he is lying

If you sense that your Scorpio partner is lying then he definitely is. You shouldn’t feel paranoid and you shouldn’t trust him. When it comes to the end of things the Scorpio male is a coward. He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings as he understands human emotion more intensely than any other Zodiac sign. But he doesn’t also comprehend that by lying he is hurting you even more. This is his way of making things less painful. So make sure to finish it off before things get out of hand.


3. He avoids all contact

In the last stages of the relationship a Male Scorpio will stop returning your calls or texts until he makes sure that you get his message. By avoiding you he wants to let you know that it is over. It takes a lot of effort for a male Scorpio to ignore you. It doesn’t come naturally but for them it is necessary in order to communicate their feelings. When you reach that stage in the relationship there is no turning back. He will wait for you to end it as he dislikes confrontation.

4. He might avenge you

If you betray a Scorpios trust in a long-term relationship, you are in for a treat. By now he knows all your weaknesses and flaws. He knows exactly how and what he can do to take revenge and he will. So try not make that mistake. You should know that the relationship is over the moment you deceive him.

Whatever you do, never let down a male Scorpio. If he has invested in the relationship, he will instantaneously lose interest. It works like a switch. If they did care for you, they will make sure that you suffer the same amount as they did. You definitely don’t want a taste of their sting. A break-up with a male Scorpio can very rarely be painless.

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