Aries are very impulsive and impatient people.

They love an adventurous way of living as it fulfills their thirst for conquering their goals. Ambitious and energetic, can accomplish anything they put in mind with their hard work and perseverance. According to the previous personality traits, Aries need an appropriate partner to tie with. If you are dating an Aries and you are starting to sense that they have in the relationship, here is four signs to help you understand whether they are .

1. The spark is Gone

Aries need to feel they are in a constant seduction game. Even if they are in a long- term relationship they yearn for an ongoing erotic spark. They can never have enough of love games. The moment the stimulus is gone they become indifferent. They love being in love and all the ups and downs that come with it. Aries can only settle with someone that makes them feel alive. So if you love your daily routine and the games of love tire you out try and avoid dating an Aries.

2. The lack of impulsiveness

Aries are impulsive by nature. As a fire Zodiac sign they not only need to feel free to express their spontaneity but they need for their partner to be open to adventures. The idea of seeing every moment in life as an opportunity to create or enjoy something new, liberates them emotionally. If you are dating an Aries and you don’t admire or at least respect this aspect of their personality you may have already noticed that they have become distant. If you try and control or manipulate this side of an Aries, you will only restrain them emotionally.


3. They love to be the center of attention

In the company of friends they have so much to say. They love starting productive arguments and know how to keep them going without turning them into a conflict. They are competitive by nature but they never express that in an offensive way. This is their way of communicating as they love to be the center of attention even if they are not fully informed or a hundred percent sure about what they say. For all the above reasons, they get deeply hurt if they have been belittled by their partner in a social environment. For them it can be a reason to terminate the relationship as they feel betrayed and no longer trust their other half. They have worked hard to create their image in a safe social circle and if someone tends to threaten their profile they become hostile towards that person.

4. Too Much Security

Too much security can make an Aries feel stagnant and useless. When they have you for granted they feel there is no motive to try for something better or even develop themselves further. They tend to fall into depression and lose interest in the things that they usually love doing. If your Aries partner starts to behave in this pattern it is a huge sign that they are over you.

Aries are honest and bold people. They can hardly keep any secret. If you are dating an Aries and you are starting to feel that they have lost interest in you, trust your instinct. Use your intuition and notice the difference between the start of the relationship and its present state. Your Aries partner has definitely told you the truth about their feelings in an obvious way. They might not have phrased it with words but they have possibly expressed it with their lack of tenderness and respect.

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