Male Aquarius are highly intelligent people.

They are great thinkers and they constantly come up with new innovative ideas. They have a unique, yet cynical sense of humor and can be quirky at times. Just because they are natural intellectuals they are mostly in touch with their mind than their body. They tend to overthink of everything and get stuck in their head. In order to win a heart you firstly need to make love to their mind because this is where they live and feel comfortable most of the time.

If you are already dating a male maybe you have already noticed all the above personality traits. When an Aquarius is losing interest in the , they will give you the following signs:

1. He needs his space

Male Aquarius have different living patterns than any other male in the Zodiac family. They take their time to assess things, analyze the situation and come up with conclusions. They tend to withdraw to their personal space to put their thoughts in order. To their partner it might seem as if they are closing off or like they are suddenly emotionally unavailable. They just need a lot of alone time. If you are entering their private space too much, or try to control that aspect of their personality, you will chase them away. Their mind is their sanctuary and if they sense that someone is trying to manipulate them, they will retreat to that sanctuary for good.

2. He doesn’t open up

If you feel that your Aquarius partner used to open up a lot or you communicated your thoughts and ideas into a deeper level and now this doesn’t happen anymore, then it is definitely the beginning of the end of this relationship. Somehow your partner got disheartened along the way and felt alone in the relationship. Maybe you were asking too much of him, demanded his constant emotional attention and become clingy without realizing it. When a male Aquarius is under emotional pressure, he loses interest and pulls out of the relationship.


3. You don’t have sex often

Male Aquarius are very adventurous sexually. They love games in the bedroom and are sexually innovative. They are not lazy lovers. If you have noticed a difference in the frequency of love-making or you feel that it is you that always initiates a sexual intercourse, then it is time to move on. He has definitely turned the page of this relationship, he just waits for you to end it.

4. He stopped spoiling you

When an Aquarius man is in love he can do anything for his lover. He will bring you the moon and the stars. He will buy you flowers when you least expect it. They love to show their emotions with actions but they hate cheap romance. They will always offer you something meaningful. When they lose interest in the relationship, they start counting everything they do for you, seeing their generosity as doing you a favor to the extent that it feels like a burden to them. This attitude is a clear indication that they don’t want to be with you anymore.

An Aquarius man loves deeply and loves truly but if somehow he feels emotionally abandoned in a long-term relationship he will let you know by totally isolating himself from your affair. He hates confrontation, so he might not communicate his feelings with words. This is his personal way of saying farewell. So do yourself a favor and end it before you lose your self-respect.

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