Some people may not find it easy to enjoy the benefits of traditional meditation.

Even though it helps the mind expand, brings focus and harmony in life, balances our energy flow and can generally improve our physical and psychological health, it is not a method that can be practiced by everybody. Some people can find it tiring or agitating to sit still for a long period of time where others might be eager to experience the benefits of a as rapidly as possible and are not patient enough to be in tuned with the calm and slow rhythm of .

Since the need for spiritual growth is very popular these days, there are various available that would suit anyone that does not find conventional meditation satisfying. The following article suggests 4 of the most popular alternative meditative techniques for you to choose from.

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Alongside the power of positive thinking, visualization and affirmations, meditation has greatly grown in mainstream popularity over the past decade. 

The benefits of meditation:

The scientifically proven benefits of meditation range from increases in your levels of happiness, recall and thinking, to improvements in your social life, health and wellness and overall Emotional Quotient. 

On the spiritual level, meditation helps grow your luck, ideas and intuition, while exponentially increasing your learning curve cycle, allowing you to grasp concepts and make leaps more quickly, and eventually reach the level of the Masters, perhaps even levitating or manipulating time. child-meditating-guided-meditation-672x372

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Meditation, especially in the traditional sense of sitting still cross-legged and focusing your attention and mind’s eye on a point in the ether… well it’s just not for everybody is it?…


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