In life we always seek for something new.

We are never content with what we already possess or have accomplished and we are looking for ways to improve our everyday life or our way of thinking. We usually tend to change jobs, houses or even our partner in order to feel the satisfaction that we seek. Sometimes we may consider ourselves fulfilled in the material aspect of things and yet seek guidance or treatment through psychotherapy. But what is exactly the thing that we are looking for?

In the following article you can read three ways to feel ecstatic and blissful with completely natural means. The first practice describes a way to surrender unconditionally to pure . Human beings tend to perceive the emotion of love egotistically. They love for themselves. Sometimes even when they offer tenderness to their loved one, they are waiting for similar gestures in return. How can we learn to love unconditionally? Read the following article and find out.

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Laguna Sunset

Cultivate Unconditional Love

Cultivating unconditional love is paradoxically the most challenging and simultaneously easiest path to experiencing nearly permanent states of ecstasy and bliss. This is because embodying true, unconditional love can be as simple as opening yourself to the experience and letting it in, meaning that you decide to let go of all judgements, wounds, grievances, self-limiting beliefs and hurts that keep you unconsciously locked into fear, separation, judgement, shame, anger and other low vibrational states. Although you may not be experiencing those things overtly in your day to day experience, with a little self-reflection and digging you’ll quickly find them embedded deep within your psyche and subconscious mind, powerfully affecting your emotional state, your decisions and your openness to loving yourself and others, ultimately keeping you cut off from the experience of unconditional love.

And, in fact, the only thing standing in between you and the experience of the ecstasy and bliss of unconditional love is the attachment to and suppression, either consciously or unconsciously, of these negative emotions, limiting beliefs and other unconscious baggage. It really can be as simple as making a profound decision to let go of that which does not serve you and moving into a space of forgiveness for yourself and others. However, for most people this is easier said than done. The layers of old mental and emotional conditioning and emotional wounding that must be healed and ultimately transcended in order to move permanently into unconditional love, ecstasy and bliss often run deep, and we are holding on to them tighter than we realize. And yet in moments of profound spiritual awakening, we can transcend a lifetime of hurt and conditioning in an instant. So be open to the possibility… but in the meantime you can still make rapid progress towards the ultimate goal of experiencing unconditional love through emotional healing processes like described below.

Exercise: Healing Emotional Wounds

Love begets love and so the best way to begin to cultivate unconditional love is to give yourself a direct experience of it. And by bringing the experience of love to our deepest emotional wounds we can release years of trauma and stuck energy in an instant. This is one of the fastest paths to reconnecting with your essence and removing everything that is blocking you from experiencing unconditional love, ecstasy and bliss.

In fact, virtually everyone who takes this practice seriously and puts in the effort will have an experience of ecstatic bliss in the process as they release old, stuck emotional energy. As you continue over time these moments become more frequent until they eventually become your dominant experience of life, reconnecting you with an almost permanent state of love, joy, peace ecstasy and bliss…

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